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Imagine what your city, state and country would look like if every city official and elected official obeyed the Constitution.

Our governments at every level—federal, state, and local—have been corrupted by systemic problems that have ended representative government, leaving us taxation without representation. The Constitutional County provides a blueprint of specific changes to be made to restore our Founders’ progressive visions of world peace through equality and free will, not subjugation.

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Why get involved with The Constitutional County?


  • Futures that are promising and inspiring for our descendants
  • Full of opportunity, potential, inspiration, hope
  • Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
  • Freedom of travel, job choice, and home
  • Equal justice, fairness
  • Minimal government and taxation of, by, and for the people
  • Governments that support our interests, and ours alone
  • Government agents that suffer the same consequences of their decisions as we do
  • Schools that reenforce the greatness of our accomplishments, history, culture, values, and country
  • Personal, community, and national self-defense
  • Financial security with the money to enjoy life, travel, educate our children
  • Debt-free home ownership
  • A currency with constant value, no inflation
  • Immutable unalienable and unalterable rights
  • Self-control over our local lands, resources, communities, and lives
  • Self-reliance
  • Respect for and worth of the virtue of work
  • Controlled, legal immigration with assimilation
  • Diversity among states to pursue different ideas

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