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Imagine what your city, state and country would look like if every city official and elected official obeyed the Constitution.

Our governments at every level—federal, state, and local—have been corrupted by systemic problems that have ended representative government, leaving us taxation without representation. The Constitutional County provides a blueprint of specific changes to be made to restore our Founders’ progressive visions of world peace through equality and free will, not subjugation.

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What the Hell is going on?

What are the goals of “The Great Reset”?

What does it mean to country? To family? To me? Can we stop it?


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Devaluation of my life’s savings? →

Redistribution of Wealth

The goal is to redistribute the wealth, mostly from the Western nations that produced it, to those who want it. This can be done by printing money and handing it out selectively. Increasing the money supply devalues the incomes and savings of the earners. Selective redistribution targets it to select groups. Thus, everyone becomes equally poor. Merit no longer counts.

Indoctrination? Critical race theory? Masks & jabs? →

The Constitutional County


Our kids are under assault. Public schools have become indoctrination factories to turn out dumbed down, compliant sheep. Decisions are made by schools. Parents are ignored; children no longer belong to them. Worse, our children are being subjected to psychological manipulation to feel guilty and hate their culture, history, God, their very identity. Critical race theory brings racisminto education.

The end of borders? The end of country? →

The Constitutional County


The sovereignty of the United States and all other nations will end. No borders. Mass migration will accelerate, funded by our money against our will. Immigrants will be favored over Americans, given preferences to free money, free transportation, free legal counsel, free healthcare, business loans, housing, jobs, promotions, political appointmen s, and educational opportunities.

COVID lockouts? Small business bankruptcies? →

The Constitutional County

Business Closures

Entrepreneurial small businesses and business ownership have been part of the American dream, a way to get ahead by working hard. Capitalism, however, does not fit their future vision. Thus, every small business must be bankrupt and everyone turned into employees of the state. The New World Order derides merit, attacks accomplishment, seeks to make sure no one gets ahead.

The Constitutional County



The Constitutional County™ is the solution!

Start the Restoration!

Americans left behind? Did they all die in vain? →

The Constitutional County

Veteran Abuse

Veterans fought for our country, but have not always been treated well. Now we know why. They have unwittingly been building the New World Order, not saving it for d emocracy. Now they are distrusted, even in some cases considered domestic terrorists. That is because their love of country and military training are perceived threats. Veterans must be asking: “Was I just a pawn?”

Confiscation of private property and farms? →

The Constitutional County

Abolition of Private Property

You either own property or are property. It is that simple. The plan is to abolish all private property. Despite the proffered rationalizations, the effect is to make gods of the few, turn the Earth into one big apartment building, and everyone else into tenants subject to the will of their masters.

Medicare cuts? Soaring premiums? →

The Constitutional County


Socialized medicine—“healthcare for all”—provides poor healthcare to all, free to those who don’t contribute, expensive to those who do and are forced to subsidize the rest. Furthermore, it strains the system and threatens your Medicare and Medicaid. Ezekiel Emanuel, the author of Obamacare, suggests reducing demand by letting everyone die at age 75.

Gun Confiscation? →

The Constitutional County


Americans will be disarmed. Self-defense will be criminalized. Criminals will be treated as victims, victims as criminals. It won’t work out well, no better than it has in Australia or New Zealand. Guns won’t be the last inalienable right to be overthrown. The entire Bill of Rights will be ignored then erased f rom hi s tor y. Li f e , Libe r t y, Fraternity, and Free Will will be replaced by “Hail Comrade.”


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