Our Mission


Our ultimate mission is to help put all Mankind—across the globe—back on the progressive path toward peace and prosperity through the uplifting principles that elevated Western Civilization and thereby the world, among these life, liberty, equality, private property, and the pursuit of happiness through individual accomplishment and reward. It is a formula that works. It is the formula that has surpassed all others, and has proven the test of time, where others have subdued and failed.

In Rural America, we believe the building blocks are: values, family, community, county, state, and federation in that order. Global governance should not come from tops down control, but rather from bottoms-up self-realization.

The county is where we can make a difference.

We are volunteers. Everything we do is freely available and downloadable. This is a movement. We do not intend to build an organization. Rather, we have targeted the fundamental issues that beset all groups, and encourage them to voluntarily adopt our blueprint as their own, auditing it into their existing efforts, with their existing leaders and members, and their existing lists and communications systems. It is through the cooperative embrace of a common platform that we can make a difference.

If for no one else, do it for our children.