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I am glad you decided to sign-up. In my opinion, there simply is no other program as comprehensive, strategic, well informed, or on-target as The Constitutional CountyTM. The fact is all the issues we fight—election integrity, COVID, fake news, debt, CRT, sex education, etc.—are symptoms of a deeper problem.

Governments no longer work for us.

They are selling government services like so many prostitutes to anyone that gives them money. CRT? No problem, give me that $600,000 grant. Mandate masks and jabs? No problem, give me that COVID money. FEMA camps? Come on in, spend that federal money in my community. House illegal immigrants? Heck, yes, I could use the dough.

Taxation without representation. Truly. That is why nothing gets solved, everything gets worse. Until we fix government, nothing else gets fixed. Once governments are fixed, we can fix everything else.

Government is the problem. The Constitutional County is the solution. Here are the things you can do right now to make a difference.



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The Constitutional County website

Home https://bit.ly/3px9LJE

Our Mission https://bit.ly/3CSoa6Y

Blueprint https://bit.ly/3GglFNO

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The Defend Rural America website

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The Crash Course

Don’t understand the world anymore? Don’t know who to trust? What to believe? What is true? This is your opportunity to catch up. To get “woke”.

Turn off the TV.

Pick one of the following presentations to watch, perhaps the most recent one on fake money https://bit.ly/3vSi0kA, or any other one than grabs your attention.  Watch it from end to end. Then decide whether to take the whole course. I am betting you will.

If you complete the Crash Course, I guarantee no matter how much you know, you will gain more enlightenment in 10 days than a lifetime. Truth, not Fake. They range from about 1 hour to 2 hours each. What?! 10-20 hours of viewing? That’s right. These are not tweets, twits, or 3 minute sound bites. These are enlightening investments in your future. Think of it as 40 years of intense study, millions of bits of information, compiled into revelations that will let you see the world as it is. Watch and let it sink in.


The Crash Course

TCC Explained https://bit.ly/3q7hUoh

The Blueprint https://bit.ly/3GglFNO

The Blueprint explained, part I https://bit.ly/3ClBJe6y

The Blueprint explained, part II (coming)

Depopulation: Dr. David Martin https://bit.ly/32ft2pd

Election Integrity: Demand04 https://bit.ly/3nlNI5Q

Fake Money: The Monetary System https://bit.ly/3vSi0kA

Fake Science: A Case Study https://bit.ly/2Y0LpMN

How To Take Our Country Back https://bit.ly/3b8FSH9

Jurisdiction https://bit.ly/3o3UAoQ

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Enter the $2,400 competition https://t.me/TCCLegal/47 Take Advantage of our Resources

Resources Galore

The Constitutional County is backed up by four decades of research and publications. Use it to educate yourself, present to your group, or even build your own course curriculum. Here is a sampling.



20210629 Nevada Leads The Way, Is Montana Next? https://bit.ly/3bNwlW4

20211025 One Man’s Quest https://bit.ly/3mPFUKr

20211101 The Constitutional County: Overview https://bit.ly/3wkN64t

20211109 TCC Is A Movement: Join https://bit.ly/3H1x0S9

20211114 TCC vs. Socialism https://bit.ly/3njwuai


Radio Shows

Show List https://bit.ly/3BM8Veq

1. Understanding Jurisdiction https://bit.ly/3HhwkYT

2. Navigating Jurisdiction https://bit.ly/3bGJNuV

3. Stop The Steal: Election Integrity https://bit.ly/3q7hFcE

4. The Constitutional County explained https://bit.ly/3EMsGnQ

5. Central Banking exposed https://bit.ly/31Ihmeh

6. The TCC Blueprint, Part I https://bit.ly/3ClBJe6y

7. The TCC Blueprint, Part II (coming)


Documentaries: Fake Science

The Battle To Save A River https://bit.ly/3jSlVci

The Battle To Save Drakes Bay Oyster Farm

   Dr. Corey Goodman https://bit.ly/2Y0LpMN

   Ginny Lunny https://bit.ly/3jSfsOu

   Kevin Lunny https://bit.ly/3CqxLS9

The CAFR Swindle https://bit.ly/3BuCIYV

The Wildlands Project https://bit.ly/3jMOsjt

Desertification by Dr. Alan Savory https://bit.ly/3GDPEQ0


How To Take Our Country Back

HTTOCB I https://bit.ly/3b8FSH9

HTTOCB II https://bit.ly/2ZwJBfr


Central Banking: Why We Are In So Much Debt

WWAISMD I https://bit.ly/3vSi0kA

WWAISMD II https://bit.ly/3CsG1AW

WWAISMD III https://bit.ly/3pJwxhr


Jurisdiction: What You Must Know

The Unconstitutional USA https://bit.ly/30RZSf2

Understanding The Matrix Blueprint https://bit.ly/3GglFNO

Navigating The Matrix



YouTube Channel https://bit.ly/3bAZFPL